Follow your dreams, they know the way…

Here at Paula Rooney, we are constantly learning, changing, adapting and investing in ourselves, our time and our business.

We believe you never stop learning; it’s a ripple effect and we hope that by working together you will not only gain invaluable knowledge and experience from Paula, but also we will learn something from you too.

With over 23 years in the industry, the Academy was born from the desire to impart knowledge, skill and expertise within floral design and to raise standards within the industry.  There is a growing trend in the business for larger scale, global reaching installations and there is a demand for world class designers and services.

Why should I invest in Paula’s courses?

  • When you work on your own it takes longer to convince yourself to think big. Paula will make you think big – you may not have the confidence right now to take your business to the next level, but if you want to believe in yourself and take that next step with us, email us now for an e-brochure. 
  • Paula will share with her exclusive group, a slice of each of her personal investments (such as business advice, creative advice, networking opportunities), along with her own wealth of industry knowledge and experience.
  • We will make you believe in yourself! Have the confidence, think big… you can do it.