Paula Rooney

Floral Installation Artists

March 13, 2017

Floral Installation Artists   There is no greater joy than walking through an art gallery admiring the stylistic, technical characteristics and exquisite details of the various different paintings. It is so easy to lose yourself in the artwork, sharing in the subjects’ story or imagining yourself viewing the landscape before your very eyes. These money-can’t-buy […] (read more…)

Wedding Florist

February 16, 2017

Wedding Florist Every girl dreams of her perfect fairy tale wedding. It is naturally ingrained in us, inspired from  generation after generation of bridal stories that dance in our dreams, where we pray for our very own prince charming to sweep us off our feet. Love is the true magic of life and there is […] (read more…)

Paula Rooney on Autumn Trends

November 7, 2016

Colour is the joy of life Colour is the joy of life. Here at the Paula Rooney studio you will always find us obsessing over colour. We have a deep respect for the visual impact and joy that working with colour can bring and always to look to develop our palettes to create visual statements. […] (read more…)

Creative Floral Design

October 20, 2016

Creative Floral Design What a busy week we are having at the Paula Rooney HQ.  Paula has been on a very exciting adventure this week – I’ll be writing a post all about it soon so keep checking back!  We often get asked about what the difference is between a floral designer and a florist, […] (read more…)

The Lady Behind The Brand

September 20, 2016

You’ll know that it’s Paula Rooney just by seeing the huge smile and killer heels walking towards you – the epitome of class – with arms so wide that her embrace might swallow you up. There is a certain familiarity about Paula and a warmth that puts you immediately at ease. You know that there is something special, and that’s even before you’ve had a look at her portfolio of inspiring designs (read more…)