Paula Rooney

Amazing Christmas Wreaths

November 12, 2016

Amazing Christmas Wreaths One of the joys of being a floral designer means that we get to celebrate Christmas for a longer amount of time than most, as we prepare for the festive season and get our materials in good order. Our studio resembles a grotto of twinkling magic and we have our own production […] (read more…)

Christmas at Paula Rooney

November 10, 2016

There is something so wonderful about dressing a Christmas tree. The excitement of seeing children’s faces erupt in pure joy as they get one step closer to Father Christmas and his magical reindeer makes the handwork and effort so worthwhile. Finding cherished Christmas ornaments and decorating trees is one of life’s great adventures, especially as we reminisce and tell stories from our pasts around the fire. Some characters make an annual appearance as they take centre position amongst the pine-scented foliage, whereas new additions to the family tree of ornaments create variety and a contemporary edge, destined to one day become that star decoration. (read more…)

Christmas Decorators

September 30, 2016

The sparkly season is nearly upon us The sparkly season is nearly upon us and we would be fibbing if we said we weren’t excited (not that we are ready to give up the warm sun just yet!). There is something so magical about the run up to Christmas, not only for the excuse of […] (read more…)